September 7-11, 2020

Sevastopol, Russia

International Conference

on Modern Trends in Manufacturing Technologies and Equipment 2020


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Conference Venue


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnical Institute, Sevastopol State University

14, Gogolya St., Sevastopol, Russia


About City


         Sevastopol was founded by the Russian Empress Catherine II in 1783 as a fortress and a naval port.

         In the 5th century BC an ancient Greek city of Chersonese  was founded at the site of modern Sevastopol and it lasted until 15th century AD. The ruins of Chersonese are included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. In the course of its history Sevastopol has outlived four empires of which it was in possession: the Roman, the Byzantine, the Ottoman and the Russian.

        The main milestones of Sevastopol history, which left a huge imprint on the city architecture and its inhabitants were two heroic defenses of the city: the first, which lasted for 349 days - since September 13, 1854 till August 28, 1855 during the Crimean War and the second one, which lasted 250 days - since October 30, 1941 till July 4, 1942.

         Modern Sevastopol is the largest non-freezing commercial port, fishing port, industrial, scientific, recreational, historical, and cultural center.


























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