September 6-10, 2021

Sevastopol, Russia

International Conference

on Modern Trends in Manufacturing Technologies and Equipment 2021



General Requirements


      Scientific articles submitted for publication should fully correspond to the Conference topics and should reflect the results of researches conducted by authors personally. All articles will be peer-reviewed.

      Articles should have the following elements:

  • Statement of the problem in general and its relationship with important scientific and practical tasks;

  • Analysis of the latest developments and publications in which the problem solution is being searched with the emphasis of the unsolved parts of the general problem to which the article  is dedicated;

  • Formulation of objectives and statement of the work mission;

  • Presentation of the basic research material with full justification of scientific results, the formulation of recommendations;

  • The conclusions from this study and the prospects for further development of this area.

     The number of authors must not be more than three.

     A maximum of two (2) papers may be submitted by the one author

     The volume of the article is 4-6 pages.









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